Every person in the courtroom should be treated with dignity and respect.


Judge Ben Souede is proud to have served as a Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge since 2017. He is a dedicated public servant who believes that every legal matter should be handled fairly and given the careful, impartial consideration the people of Multnomah County deserve. 

As an experienced judge, attorney and public servant, Judge Souede knows listening to every side of a case with an open mind is essential to preserving justice. He ensures that every person in the courtroom is treated with dignity and respect whether he is presiding over a criminal case, a personal injury matter, or a business dispute.

Judge Souede's steadfast dedication to service and fairness has earned him the support of a wide range of attorneys, judges and community leaders from Multnomah County and across Oregon.


About Judge Souede

Judge Souede brings deep and diverse experience in both public service and private practice to the bench.

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Community leaders throughout Multnomah County and Oregon support Judge Ben Souede.

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